AI Cars Will Struggle to Self-Drive Our Roundabouts and Potholes, Says Autonomy Expert

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's some good news and some bad news about the supposed coming of the self-driving cars. The bad thing is that an AI-focused startup thinks our decaying roads, worn-away markings and non-uniform roundabouts might slow development and arrival of the cars in the UK. The good news is that they think it might mean the tech giants pay to fix up the roads.

John Lusty from AI thinktank Five AI seems to think that those currently pretending cars are able to drive themselves might find it cheaper and easier to tarmac the UK rather than try to get a sodding algorithm to steer around a pothole without throwing the car and its passengers onto the kerb, saying: "I could well imagine a situation where you have people that are operating or selling autonomous cars coming in and fixing roads themselves."

Not just that, but the autonomous vehicle sellers might repaint the roads so their stupid car cameras don't incorrectly identify a faded white line, with Lusty thinking road signs might need much more frequent cleaning and replacing because computers don't have the common sense to fill in the gaps when confronted by something clearly a bit wrong.

In short, he doesn't seem to think autonomous cars will be good for much more than the odd bit of slow and laborious parking for the foreseeable future, or holding the wheel for a few seconds while you take a quick drink on the motorway. [Telegraph]

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