Airport Parking Scammer Dumped Cars in a Field, Court Told

By Gary Cutlack on at

The operator of boring-sounding business London Parking Gatwick Ltd is in court at the moment, charged with massively exaggerating the seriousness of his airport parking systems. As in, he's accused of picking up cars, driving them around for a bit, using them to get his shopping in and dumping the cars in a field.

Returning holidaymakers found their cars covered in mud, for some reason, with one owner conducting  a sensational bit of investigation herself, and the prosecution relaying the story. The court heard trading standards barrister Richard Heller explain: "In June 2016, Sylvia Goodman said her car was returned with a bent key, the language on the dashboard display was changed to one she didn’t recognise, there was hardly any fuel left, it was dirty, the time had been changed and there was litter in the car including a Co-Op receipt for mini garlic naans."

A receipt showed that the naan breads were bought 4.5 hours after the car was picked up to be safely and securely parked near the airport. What an adventure that car had. Other trust crimes allegedly committed include dumping cars in petrol stations, leaving them unlocked with the keys taped to the windscreen, and using a photo of the car park at Glasgow's Borders General Hospital on the London Parking Gatwick Ltd web site – which also contained what appeared to be fake reviews. [Metro]