Amazon Just Knocked 50% Off an Xbox Game Pass Subscription

By Tom Pritchard on at

Xbox One gamers will probably have heard of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's subscription service that lets gamers play through a catalogue of games without actually having to physically buy them. It normally costs £8 a month, but if you head over to Amazon before midnight tonight, you'll be able to snag six months access for half price. That's £24 instead of £48.

There are a lot of reasons you might want to subscribe. For starters there are over 100 games in the catalogue, with more added quite regularly, and with Microsoft's E3 Press conference just days away there are bound to be plenty of new additions on the way. There's no waiting period for new releases either, so when a Microsoft-exclusive game gets released it's automatically added to Game Pass. Subscribers also get 20 per cent off any game they'd like to purchase properly, and 10 per cent off any DLC they want to add - provided the game in question wasn't released within the past 30 days.

Plus, because Microsoft has thrown itself behind backwards compatibility, the catalogue includes games from the entire Xbox console line-up all the way back to the original. Most of them are Xbox One games, but there are still some oldies like Knight of the Old Republic, The Force Unleashed, and more. They're not all just Star Wars games, I promise.

On top of that you can grab six months of Xbox Live Gold for half the usual price. It's £15, instead of £30, which also happens to be £8 cheaper than buying 12 months inone go. Those subscriptions stack as well, so you can stock up while things are cheap. Xbox Live Gold comes with free games too, but those are to keep.