Amazon Prime Day Will Arrive on 16th July, Says Leak

By Tom Pritchard on at

Holidays are generally taken over by commercial entities, trying to exploit the day for as much money as they can. But Amazon's Prime Day is a step further, an Amazon-themed day that's all about spending money. Nothing more, nothing less. It happens once a year, and a new leak claims the next Prime Day will arrive very soon.

Earlier this morning Amazon UK accidentally published a banner (via TechRadar) revealing Prime Day will kick off at noon on 16th July, pumping out deals for the next 36 hours.

That's more like Prime day-and-a-half, and it's clear Amazon wanted to beat last year's Prime Day which offered deals for a mere 30 hours. The fact it's on 16th July also means Prime Day is slightly later this year (it was on 10th July in 2017), though it's speculated that Amazon didn't want to have to compete with the last few games of the World Cup.

It's not clear what sort of discounts will be up on site, but you can expect Amazon to knock money off its own range of gadgets - particularly the Echo Dot which spends more time on sale than a DFS sofa.

As ever the Prime Day deals are exclusive to Prime members, and you'll have to sign up before the big day to take advantage of any savings. The subscription is £11 a month, or £79 a year, netting you other benefits like Prime Video, Amazon Music Unlimited, and free next day delivery. Amazon has also offered a small discount to users in the past, in an attempt to boost its subscriptions numbers before the big day, so it's worth waiting if you don't already have a subscription.

As usual we'll have all the best deals up on site, so you don't have to go sifting through them all for yourself. [TechRadar]