Amazon Prime Video Content Now Available Through BT TV

By Gary Cutlack on at

The two streaming video services that don't really need to exist have joined forces to create a more easily not-watched venture, with all the content from Amazon's Prime Video service now available to viewers who do their TVing through a BT TV account.

BT TV customers are now able to access an Amazon Prime app from within their set-top boxes, one that'll let them sign in with their already-paid-for Amazon Prime membership details and enjoy whatever content Amazon is putting out.

BT's particularly excited about the potential this has among the sort of people who will go to extreme lengths to watch domestic football matches, as it means that BT TV users will get the BT matches and the few that Amazon recently acquired the rights to show, plus the ability to merge in a Sky Sports subscription as well, making, perhaps, the existence of BT TV a little more justified. If you like football or live with a football-liking person you want to keep quiet for a few hours each weekend.

The posher and newer Youview+ Ultra HD box is required to make it work, though, and it's only starting to roll out today. [BT]