Ambulance GPS Outs Bike Crash Compensation Fraudster

By Gary Cutlack on at

Luboya Tshibangu did fall off his bike in December of 2012 in the Cardiff Bay area, that much everyone agrees on. The problem for Tshibangu is that he said he hit a pothole that was 1km away from where the ambulance scraped him up, a fact verified by the ambulance's GPS.

The cyclist put in a personal injury claim for £135,000 in lost earnings with Cardiff City Council, claiming his accident was caused by a pothole on Bute East Dock cycle path. Only the passerby who made the 999 call was around one kilometre away from the alleged crash site on another cycle route, and there was a GPS tracker on the ambulance that corroborated evidence that the rider had fallen off quite far away from where he claimed.

A supporting photo of the pothole was taken nine months after the accident too, making it rather obvious that he'd gone out to find one after the event. The court was told that the fake claim impacted on the running of the council, as money to cover potential damages had to be put aside in case the cyclist's claims were upheld; hence the very serious handing out of a three-and-a-half-year jail term for trying it on. [Wales Online via Cycling Weekly]