Apple Maps Was Broken for Hours??

By David Turner on at

Earlier today Apple Maps was unusable for hours, apparently.

It took us quite some time to notice, but the Apple aficionados at 9to5Mac reported this morning that the app wasn’t working for most users. While you could still open the app and see your location, when you tried to get navigation information, you were hit with a message that said “Directions Not Available. Route information is not available at the moment.” Nearly all of the app’s real functionalities appeared to be down.

VentureBeat reported that Siri was failing to respond to mapping requests, telling users, “Can’t seem to access that data right now, try again in a little while.”

Apple’s own support site mentions that there is an issue with certain maps functionality.

While this is certainly very frustrating for the millions of people who have Apple Maps on their phones, my real question is: Why are you all using Apple Maps? Google Maps already exists and is vastly superior. And if you want to get a little more sophisticated, try Waze. Essentially anything else but Apple Music would be a better solution to this directional problem. Still, it’s rather frustrating that an app built into countless Apple products isn’t working.

At the time or writing, Apple Maps functions appear to be back up and running. But yeah, switch to Google Maps. [9to5Mac, VentureBeat]

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