BBC's Sherlock Transforms into a Live Puzzle Challenge

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some of the creative forces behind the BBC's occasional Sherlock series have joined a new entertainment vehicle, one that wants to turn the investigative TV show into a live event.

Called Sherlock: The Game Is Now, teams of up to six people are formally invited to pay £54 a head to enjoy an immersive Sherlock experience, built on a scenario where the detective has disappeared and only you and your mates, for some reason, can help. This is done as a member of amateur crime-solving group The Network, a team of everypeople that's called into action by Mycroft Holmes.

The upshot is you'll be plodding around a warehouse looking for clues while watching exclusive content created by writers and showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, in association with Time Run – creator of other so-called "escape room" game scenario events – where you run about, solving clues, with friends from work, probably hating every contrived minute of it. [Sherlock: The Game Is Now via Digital Spy]