Buy a Phone or Tablet From Sky Mobile, and You'll Get a Free Return Flight to Europe

By Tom Pritchard on at

People don't upgrade phones as much as they used to, and they never really replaced old tablets on a regular release cycle, so it's hardly surprising when mobile networks try and do what they can to flog new devices (along with some usage contracts). Some might offer free gizmos or special data bundles, but Sky Mobile has teamed up with to give anyone who buys a new phone or tablet a free return flight to somewhere in Europe.

The deal lets you pick from 30 popular European destinations, including airports in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, and so on. The only catches are that those flights are (naturally) subject to availability, and you have to a deadline. The offer is only available until 5th July, and once you've bought a device you'll be given a code that has to be redeemed for a booking number by 31st August. The flight out then has to happen before 31st December.

Fortunately there's a search tool to see which flights are available, letting you see exactly where you can fly to and from, and when. You get to add friends to the trip too, but that'll cost an extra £89 per person. Sky has promised that the free flight includes any extra charges like tax, or admin fees, but optional things like food and checked luggage are not. So bear that in mind.

The offer is valid with every phone and tablet available on Sky Mobile's website, including the dirt cheap ones. The Sony Xperia L1, for instance, is £156 when bought outright (or a minimum of £153 over 30 months),  so if you do your research and appropriate cost analyses, getting a cheap disposable device just for the free flight might work out in your favour.