Cheap Advance Train Tickets Could Go in Massive Industry Shake Up

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of men sipping tea from chipped Intercity mugs are bored of being told that buying a train ticket is too complicated a task, so have decided it's time to simplify the process. Which is lovely, although one idea they're putting forward won't go down well -- binning advance tickets.

That's but one concept hinted at in the Rail Delivery Group's consultation on the ticketing systems of the future, although it does say it would try to ensure that the average price paid for journeys would somehow magically stay the same if the advance options were to go. This ticketing reboot could see the welcome and complete end of the peak/off-peak pricing structure too; so no more being mugged because you need to get somewhere, like your regular place of work, fairly early in the morning.

The RDG punts the idea that the train fare of the future could be based purely on distance travelled, also suggesting that slow and unreliable services could be priced cheaper, bringing back the glorious era of third-class travel. They also propose that there could be same-day travel discounts to encourage the last-minute sale of tickets, filling trains that might otherwise run empty, and discounts for people who buy purely digital tickets through their telephone apps. [RDG]

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