Country People Can't be Bothered With Your Urban Digital Banking Obsessions

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who live in the rural masses of the UK aren't so bothered about banking apps, according to the Financial Conduct Authority, which says that just 23 per cent of country folk bother to do their banking through a smartphone – whereas 45 per cent of their clean-shod urban counterparts do.

There is one obvious reason and one less so obvious reason for this. The obvious reason is that mobile internet is often still terrible in the less comprehensively concreted parts of the UK, so unless you're at home on the Wi-Fi there's not much point looking at how much money you have/haven't, as trying to get a bloated old banking app to load over 2G is beyond the patience of even people who enjoy watching vegetables grow. So maybe wait until you're at the proper computer.

The other reason the FCA mentions is that perhaps people who live in the countryside aren't quite so continually stressed about their financial situation, as they're less likely to be plunged into bankruptcy each time a rent payment comes out, unlike the urbans and their £2k windowless loft bedsits. Plus countryside people tend to be older, so maybe can't be bothered to learn how to use apps or would rather wait for a statement, as things written on paper are more believable.

The FCA's updated Financial lives survey also says there's a big north-south gap in savings, with 17 per cent of adults in the north east of England having zero money kept as savings -- against just 8 per cent without any emergency cash stored away in the south east. [FCA via BBC]