Dad's Army Stamps are Real and Not a Viral Brexit Joke

By Gary Cutlack on at

Looking fairly amateurish and as if they've been made as a Brexit joke for Twitter isn't helping these Dad's Army stamps convince people they're real, but they are. You may now order a stamp of a useless old part-time home guard member advising his colleagues not to panic or warning of impending doom.

There's a full set launching at the end of June, featuring the clever one, the bumbling one, the fussy one, the Scottish one, the young one who's probably still alive and all the others, ideal for posting saucy postcards back home to whoever's agreed to water your tomatoes while you're enjoying a week in Torquay.

It was often about as funny as war crimes or getting gassed in a trench while rats eats your ears and you're too tired to shoo them away, but there you go. It's considered a national treasure among people old and influential enough to get stamps made, so stamps have been made. They even got the young one who's still alive to sign a few.  [Royal Mail]