Deliveroo Will Now Partner With Restaurants That Already Have Their Own Delivery People

By Tom Pritchard on at

Deliveroo has been great from a certain perspective, since it allows restaurants without their own delivery network to offer their menu to customer who don't want to leave the house. Likewise for some customers it means you can order that 1,000 calorie burger from Burger King without having to put on trousers to pick it up yourself. But what about the places that already have delivery people? Well Deliveroo has just announced they can join in too.

Deliveroo has confirmed it will be launching something called Marketplace+ next month, with the goal of signing up restaurants that don't necessarily need to take advantage of Deliveroo's fleet of driver and cyclists. Essentially this turns Deliveroo into a Just Eat/Hungry House-style partner for takeaways and restaurants that have already offer home delivery. This means those restaurants can choose to deliver via their own existing delivery staff, or alternatively utilise Deliveroo couriers.

According to Deliveroo the new partners will be able to deliver to customers and areas that were typically out of reach, and it expects a further 5,000 new establishments to sign up and complement the 10,000 that are already involved.

Deliveroo co-founder and Chief Executive Will Shu said:

“Traditionally we’ve been unable to work with those restaurants ... because they already have their own delivery fleet and so they thought ‘well we don’t really need Deliveroo.

We’re changing the game. We’re enabling these restaurants to tap into our delivery fleet,”

Deliveroo has some pretty ambitious expansion plans at the moment, intending to expand to 50 new towns and cities which it hopes will increase its reach to a further 6 million people. No doubt partnering with established chains and taking a slice of the takings away from competitors like Just Eat is going to help boost that along. [Reuters via Engadget]