Did You Plan on Buying a 512GB Galaxy Note 9? Too Bad, Samsung Probably Won't Let You

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it comes to international releases, phone companies rarely offer a universal range of products. Some of them do, but plenty of them don't. Samsung is one of the worst, keeping certain colours or variants away from specific markets for reasons that never quite make sense. That's not likely to change anytime soon, because the rumoured 512GB Galaxy Note 9 isn't likely to be available here.

This news comes from Ice Universe, who seems to have had a lot to say about Samsung's upcoming phablet already. They claim that the variant with 512GB of storage will only be available in South Korea and China:

Which is a shame for those who wanted a phone with such a large amount of space. It's a bit confusing as to why Samsung would limit its availability, but then again it's done that plenty of times in the past without explanation. After all the Titanium Grey Galaxy S9 wasn't made available in the UK until this month, a good three months after the phone launched.

Presumably a lot of people won't need that much storage space. The Galaxy Note 9 will likely come with a microSD card slot, with support for at least 400GB of extra space like the S9. Having that much room built into the phone will also probably cost a lot more, so it's possible Samsung is playing it safe rather than flooding markets with phones that won't sell. That is assuming the leak is legit. It might not be, and we won't find out for well over a month.

The Galaxy Note 9 is currently set to be unveiled on 9th August, and we'll have more for you as we hear it. [Slashgear]