Don't Expect Google to Jump on the Dual-Camera Bandwagon With the Pixel 3

By Tom Pritchard on at

The latest big trend in the smartphone world, beyond full screen displays and notches, is the dual lens camera system. Apple has one, Samsung has one, Huawei decided three lenses were even better. But there's one company you shouldn't expect to include a double camera system on its next flagship, and that's Google.

So far all the rumours have pointed towards the Pixel 3 defiantly sticking with a single lens camera system, though up until now we haven't seen much in the way of actual evidence. Now, though, Phone Arena has come across images of case for the Pixel 3 XL that only has space for a single camera on the back. Interestingly the image does corroborate previous rumours that Google would be including a dual-lens front camera on the phone, tucked away inside the notch that's currently only expected on the larger version of the device.

Obviously there are plenty of reasons to remain sceptical about the evidence presented, but it does match up with previous rumours we've heard about the phone. As to why Google would ignore the dual-lens system is unclear, though the marketing team likely came up with a line to try and convince people that a good single lens system is better than an average dual lens system. Or something, you know what tech companies are like with their spin. Presumably it'll have some sort of reasoning behind the front camera, though at the moment it's not clear what that might be.

Two lenses might be able to facilitate a portrait mode without need for an infra red sensor, or it could be something else entirely. Either way, compulsive selfie takers might want to take note.

If last year's Pixel 2 launch is anything to go by, we can probably expect to see the Pixel 3 arrive sometime in October. [Phone Arena via TechRadar]