Don't Expect the Galaxy Note 9 to Resurrect the Camera Button

By Tom Pritchard on at

Whatever happened to phones coming with camera buttons? There was a period about three of four years long when they were all over the place, but now they're rarer than porn in the Vatican. There had been rumours that the button would make its triumphant return on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but some leakers claim otherwise.

The whole rumour stems from a case shared by leaker Ice Universe on Twitter, revealing space for what seems to be an extra bottom on the bottom left hand side of the phone. This led to speculation that it was for a camera button because they's where many of them used to live, it wasn't the Bixby button, and what else would it be? Apparently it's not a button at all.

Ice Universe has set the record straight, claiming that everyone was getting excited over a cut out designed to add a lanyard to the case. Because people apparently still want to do that, and wander around with a phone round their neck smacking them in the sternum every time they have to speed up or slow down.

This is exactly why it's generally a bad idea to try and gleam rumours from leaked accessories, but there we go. At least Ice Universe set the record straight, rather than letting people remain hopeful for the return of the camera button. It was always a stretch to assume Samsung would be reintroducing it anyway, especially since it already has a fourth button for Bixby. You don't want too many buttons on your phone, or it'll end up looking like it has a Blackberry keyboard around the edges. Nobody wants that. [Trusted Reviews]