Don't Panic, Google's Just Rolling Out a New Login Page

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you're trying to log into an important account, you may end up a little bit concerned when you wind up looking at a brand new login page that doesn't look anything like how you remembered it. You might discover this with your Google account over the next couple of weeks, the good news is you're not being phished. Google's just rolling out a new design the login form.

Yesterday Google announced that it will be rolling out a Material Design-inspired look to its login screen from 14th June, as part of a very slow move towards implementing the principles Material Design across its various products. It's about time it hit the login page, seeing as how all of this stuff was announced four years ago.

Differences you'll see on the new login screen include a new Google logo, centralised text, and a blue outline around the login box. Just in case you had trouble finding it before. The changes are only about the looks, though, so it's not like Google is rolling out some grand new plans that will change the way you log in. GSuite users should see the change within 15 days of launch, with the rollout hitting regular Google account holders sometime soon after.

So take a look at the image up top and memorise it. When you see that as you're trying to log in, remember not to panic. That said, it's always worth double checking the URL to make sure you don't accidentally have the wrong page. You don't want to hand those account details over to some random thief, after all. [Google via Android Police]