Don't Worry Apple Fans, You Can Get World Cup Statistics Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recently both Google and Amazon announced they would be tying their services into the World Cup. Google was doing googly things with search and Assistant, while Amazon was letting people pester Alexa with questions to stay up to day or hide their football-based ignorance. Those are rather device specific, so it's worth mentioning Apple's doing all that stuff too.

Apple is quick to point out that Siri already supports sports-based questioning for 26 countries, ours included, but with the World Cup here it added some extra things for other people. But that's boring, unless you're planning on going away or travelling to Russia to watch a game in person. But you can always ask Siri World Cup related questions, and she'll be able to respond with answers to keep you in the loop.

The Apple News app will also include the World Cup as one of its Spotlight topics, and includes live results right at the top of the homepage. For instance, as I write this Russia beating Saudi Arabia one nil, and Apple is trying to make me read a guide about the World Cup. The Spotlight section includes all sorts of World Cup-related content from news sources Apple deems trustworthy, alongside a full schedule and group tables.

Oh and other Apple services are highlighting football content, including the App Store, Clips, Podcasts, iBooks, and even Music will had special curated playlists for the 32 countries taking part. So that's nice, if you ever use those things or need to download some extra apps to play with on the train. [Apple]