Early Galaxy S10 Rumour Claims Samsung is Ditching the Iris Scanner

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Galaxy Note 9 isn't even out yet, and we already have rumours about the Galaxy S10 surfacing. Leakers are nothing if not proactive. While Samsung claimed it wasn't in the business of taking features away from people (unlike *some* companies) earlier this year, the newest rumour is that it will be doing just that and removing the Iris Scanner.

If you read up on the Galaxy S9, you'll know that it has both facial and iris recognition - though without all the fancy 3D and infra red sensors utilised by Apple's FaceID. Recently rumours have circulated that Samsung will be adopting similar tech on the S10, which would probably make the Iris Scanner redundant. Now, though, a report claims that the long-rumoured in-display fingerprint scanner will also play a part in the Iris Scanner's demise.

This report comes from Korean site The Bell, which pins the blame entirely on the next-gen biometric sensors. And if those sensors are there, the decision to remove the Iris Scanner makes sense. It was never the most secure way to protect your phone, and could be beaten by a picture of your eyes - provided it was high enough quality. So including it alongside 3D facial recognition doesn't make a whole lot of sense - especially from a cost perspective. In fact, including it alongside the S9's face scanner didn't make much sense either.

It's still too early to say anything for sure, though, since the S10 is seven or eight months away. Take it with a dose of scepticism, but don't be too surprised if this one does pan out. [The Bell via Ubergizmo]