Ed Sheeran Concert to Bring Misery to People Who Can't Even Hear it

By Gary Cutlack on at

Four solid gold nights of Ed Sheeran singing his song about that woman's body are to bring chaos to the people of Bristol, with drivers warned that the M4 and M5 and all their glorious associated interchanges might be clogged more than usual because of all the people heading in to see the singer's shows.

Sheeran's doing a mini residency at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, hence regional gridlock is predicted. And because his fans have to be home in bed and sharing emoticons on their telephones quite early, the shows opens the doors at 5pm; the exact time you don't want tens of thousands of people who probably can't drive very well to be heading onto motorways.

We have no evidence suggesting that Ed Sheeran fans can't drive very well, by the way, it just feels like it's probably the case that liking Ed Sheeran ought to be enough to get you banned from taking a motorised vehicle onto anything higher than a B road.

Gareth Price from Highways England's emergency planning unit said the roads were bad enough when the Rolling Stones played the stadium last week, and now there are roadworks and it's Ed Sheeran fans who probably wobble their Vauxhall Corsas across lanes all the time, so be careful out there. [Devon Live]

Image credit: YouTube