EE Now Lets You Give Your Unused Data to Family Members

By Tom Pritchard on at

Given how much networks like to charge for mobile data, it can be irritating to get to the end of the month and find you've got some left over. Some networks let you keep hold of it to use later, like Sky, though EE's taking a new approach. It's offering people the chance to give away that data to other members of their family.

The new system applies to those with a pay monthly SIM, and provided the giftee is also on a pay monthly SIM that's been linked to the master account. Whoever controls that master account can see how much unused data is available on any of the linked plans using the MyEE app, with the option of moving it around in 500MB increments. This also includes selected mobile broadband tablets and devices.

According to EE this new feature is great for parents who want to treat their kids to "digital pocket money", by giving them some extra data to spend when they're not connected to Wi-Fi. This also coincides with better parental controls in the MyEE app, letting parents monitor their kids' internet and phone usage from their own device. features include the option to remotely switch off mobile data, prevent roaming when abroad, restrict premium rate calls, as well as filters on what content can be accessed.

Finally, to encourage families to link their accounts together, EE will reward the master account holder with an extra gigabyte of data for every contract they link to (maximum four), along with a 10 per cent discount on the monthly bill. [Pocket Lint]