EE's Fibre Max Broadband Offers up to 300Mbps Speeds, Plus Extra Mobile Data

By Tom Pritchard on at

EE might be best known for mobile services and Kevin Bacon, but being part of BT means it has plenty of other telecoms services to offer. Broadband is one of them, and now the company has just announced a new pair of ultra-fast packages. The best part? You'll also end up with extra mobile data to use every month.

Fibre Max 1 and Fibre Max 2 aren't really designed for people who live by themselves, but rather the family that's constantly connected to one of their devices. That means you can take advantage of the fast download and upload speeds to ensure nobody is taking a hit. Fibre Max 1 is 145Mbps download, 28Mbps upload, and costs £42 a month, while Fibre Max 2 is 300 Mbps download, 47 Mbps upload, and costs £47 a month. Both are 18 month contracts, and don't have any stingy outdated limits on downloads.

Judging from the EE website those prices includes the cost of line rental, so what you see there is what you'll have to pay. Assuming, of course, that your area can support such high speeds. Mine can't, and EE will only let me sign up to slower packages as a result.

Existing EE mobile customers also get the extra monthly mobile data as an incentive to sign up. You get 20GB each month, and thanks to EE's new data gifting feature you can share it out amongst your family if you don't feel like keeping it for yourself. Signing up before July 25th will also get you a free BT Whole Home Wi-Fi mesh set-up, which would normally cost you £199.