Facebook's Getting into the Video Game Streaming Business Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

For the past several years Twitch has dominated the video game streaming business, without much in the way of competition. Sure YouTube and Mixer have their own streaming platform, but they're not nearly as popular. Well Twitch may have something to worry about because now Facebook is getting into the game streaming business.

Facebook.gg is the name, and obviously came from some sort of late 20's marketing team who've never played a video game in their lives. It's just like Facebook, except it'll suggest streams for people to watch using Facebook's infamous algorithms. The site is live already, with the most popular games being Fortnite, PUBG, something called Mobile Legends, DOTA 2, and Rules of Survival. I have played one of those games, and I didn't enjoy it. Is this what being old is like?

Just don't try putting Facebook.gg into your address bar, or you'll end up redirected to the Facebook homepage. Facebook.com/gaming is the place to be, and makes me wonder why on earth the brand name had to be stylised like a URL. Perhaps that's what the kids are into these days.

This isn't the first time Facebook has entered the world of online video games, having launched the Game pilot Programme back in January in what looked like an attempt to poach Twitch's streamers. It obviously did that with money, by offering things like tip jars that Twitch streamers didn't have. Having a dedicated site is just the latest step in Mark Zuckerberg's media domination, even though Facebook is not a media company.

It's not a huge surprise in any case. Not only does Facebook have a proud history of pinching things from other companies (Snapchat in particular), it's been doing a lot to make sure Facebook is the site people spend their most time on. It has a video section, just like YouTube, a live-streaming section, just like YouTube, and now it's going into games. Erm, just like YouTube. It certainly looks like Facebook wants to be YouTube, just without the toxic comments. Well, assuming you don't have all the racist members of your family on there. [BBC News]