Fake Stews: Sainsbury's to Sell Vegan Meats Alongside the Animal Originals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vegans are going to have more than the usual two things to choose from in the near future, as supermarket Sainsbury's is preparing to flood the food feeds of the UK with a new range of fake meats designed to be nearer to the taste and feel of the real thing.

What's interesting about the trial is that there won't be a special fridge in a special part of the supermarket with special signs on it to indicate it's meant for special people, like the end-of-aisle display where they put the gluten-free bread and kidney beans. It's going to put the vegan meat alternatives in with the animal-based steak, burgers and sausages, a move that people-watchers think will make it easier for shoppers to decide on a whim to give non-meat alternatives a try. As when they're in a segregated cabinet of their own it's all a bit World Cinema, isn't it?

The supermarket is trialling the sale of the parallel vegan burger options in 400 branches from June 27, when the entirely new vegan range including burgers and mince hits shelves, with the burgers proudly using beetroot juice to fake rare pinkness, and almonds, tomatoes and mushrooms for taste and texture. Let's hope this one doesn't sneak in bits of pork. [Guardian]