Finally, Facebook Will Let You Report Ads That Trick You Into Buying Total Crap

By Patrick Lucas Austin on at

Until now, purchasing some too-good-to-be-true cheap clothes or a weird smartphone case through a Facebook ad usually ends in disappointment, with no way to provide feedback about your new dress shirt that makes you look like a store brand anime character. While Facebook can’t stop you from buying a t-shirt with a few missing stitches, it will now do more to prevent others from following in your footsteps by banning shoddy businesses from selling more and more crap through its platform.

Basically, Facebook will soon let you tell on shitty stores.

Facebook and the businesses advertising on it have been under scrutiny in the past for selling goods at an exorbitant markup—goods that are poorly made and take weeks instead of days to arrive. As of today, Facebook, according to a blog post, is letting users leave feedback for businesses after they’ve purchased a product, to alert both other users and Facebook about stores selling shoddy goods.

Facebook says it will reduce the number of ads a particular business can run if they receive high volumes of negative feedback, and ban advertisers if their feedback ratings do not improve. It will also offer solutions for businesses to improve their customer experience and suggest they provide more transparency when it comes to topics like return policies and shipping times.

To leave feedback for your four pig moon shirt, you can visit your Ads Activity tab, select the ad you clicked on, and complete the questionnaire to voice your frustrations. I suppose you can also leave good feedback, but who’s got the time?