Fire-Sale Alert: Tesco Direct is Sluicing the Junk out of its Warehouses Ahead of July 9 Closure

By Gary Cutlack on at

A machine that cooks chips. A plastic bed with a pink princess on it. Lamps and duvets and curtains and things. That's what you can expect to find in the Tesco Direct pre-shutting clearance sale, should you be bothered enough to sort through the intermixed pages of deals and not-really-deals to find the genuine discounts.

Tesco Direct has put up a clearance page that supposedly links to the biggest discounts, but, seeing as we don't usually keep track of the fluctuating international price indices of Peppa Pig curtains, we have no idea if £6.95 represents a genuine discount on the RRP or not.

We've found something you might like, though. There's a 70cm Star Wars canvas print of Yoda for just £6, and it was apparently sold for £20 at one time. That's either a massive actual discount or a representation of what's happened to the Star Wars brand of late, or some shenanigans organised through third-party retailers that use Tesco Direct as a shop front who are cashing in on TD's unfortunate predicament.

In summary: there might be some good deals on Tesco Direct, but it depends on how much you want last year's tat. [Tesco Direct via MEN]