Gang of Urban Mayors Says Ban New Petrol and Diesel Cars by 2030

By Gary Cutlack on at

A mayoral league of elected gentlemen has called for the government to bring forward the 2040 internal combustion engine ban, suggesting that the sooner and more foreseeable year of 2030 might be a better time to start restricting the sale of pure petrol and diesel vehicles. To benefit the health of everyone, particularly those living in grimy-aired cities.

The mayors of London, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Liverpool have all come together in their uniform of brown suits to demand change, claiming that reducing pollution ASAP would save the NHS £6bn a year and reduce the 40,000 premature deaths each year that are linked to air pollution.

Manchester's mayor Andy Burnham would also like some more buses and stuff, saying: "With my fellow Mayors, I am calling on the Government to fund a fair diesel scrappage scheme and end the sale of new pure diesel and petrol cars and vans ten years earlier than planned by 2030. We also need to see major investment in the public transport infrastructure of Northern England if people here are to have an alternative to the car. It is only radical action on this scale that will tackle this problem and save lives." [London Mayor]

Image credit: Unsplash