Google Assistant is Rolling Out to Select Sony TVs in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the not too distant future all of our technology will have some sort of smart voice-powered control. Be it the toaster, your plug socket, or a washing machine. That's not currently the case, but we are seeing virtual assistants roll out to more and more devices. Google has announced its Assistant AI will be coming to certain Sony TV models here in the UK.

The TVs in question are all running Android TV, naturally, including the AF8, XF90, XF85, XF80 and XF75 series. The obvious point being that you can shout commands at your TV rather than having to rummage around for the remote which has fled to its safe space down the back of the sofa. Obviously anything you can do with a Google service will be available, and all you have to ask it to open something.

The bad news is that rollouts take time. Sony hopes that everything will be done by the end of the month, but it's probably not going to suddenly appear on your TV by the time you get home from work tonight. But patience is a virtue, which is something Jesus may have said, and if you wait you will be blessed with the ability to not have to use your remote when you're watching TV. Not all the time anyway. [Trusted Reviews]