Google's Launched New Tools to Help You Keep Track of the World Cup

By Tom Pritchard on at

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and the World Cup gets damn near everyone involved, so a lot of people take it very seriously. Even the Americans, but only if their team is winning. Clearly patriotism trumps the popularity playing their own weird versions of other peoples' sports over there. It's going to be a long month with lots of statistics and events happening, so to help you keep track Google's launching some new features.

Everything you need to keep track of the World Cup is being added to search, with updates keeping tabs on trending players, group progress, and other tournament statistics. Google will also include video recaps and highlights in Search within 30 minutes of each match ending, pulling up the content from different news organisations. Google will also be sorting out timelines that chronicle the events of each game, with images, videos, statistics, tweets, and more. All that kicks off before each game has even begun.

For those of you wanting to keep track of things in real time you can use your phone to watch the game live, or if you don't like watching games (for whatever reason) you can have score updates pop up as and when they happen. Alternatively Android users can pin real-time scores to your home screen using the Google App. Obviously that won't be available on iOS, because Apple widgets are stupid.

On top of the search features Google Assistant will be able to feed you World Cup content, Google maps will tell you who's showing the games, and both Google News and Google Trends will have a dedicated World Cup section - as you'd expect. Finally each competing country will receive their own Google Doodle, drawn by a local artist.

So if you're into football, Google's got plenty to keep you occupied, even if there isn't a match on. As for me, I'll just be sitting around bitter than the World Cup is the reason why Disney delayed the UK release of The Incredible 2 and Ant-Man & The Wasp. [Google]