Grandkid Rental App Wants to Hook Up Lonely Old People With Willing Young

By Gary Cutlack on at

A well-meaning app that pairs lonely old men with willing youngsters could soon launch in the UK, with the ambition of hooking up the elderly with young people able to do chores or just have a cup of tea and a little moan about immigration.

The developer calls this a "grandkids on-demand" solution, and all we can possibly think about is the myriad ways it'll be misused and end up on the Daily Mail. The app is called Papa, with the people hired known as Papa Pals. There will be background checks, though, so any kindly old men hiding historic convictions should be screened out as should young people looking to rifle through drawers looking for jewellery and WWII souvenirs, plus the volunteers are paid for their odd-job time, with the US version of the app paying a casual rate of $15 (£12) per hour. It's Uber for friends.

The US-based maker seems to have an eye on scalping some money from the NHS budget in the near future too, as he said: "...if someone like the NHS contacted us and said we want Papa Pal to help them with caring for the elderly in some way, we could be their [sic] within days. Our platform means we could set up shop [in the UK] within around 45 days. We are already working with the US government to make Papa Pal part of an extension to the Medicare system for next year." [Papa via Telegraph]