Hope You Remembered to Stock up on Microbeads

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you have come to rely on the soothing, massaging sensation that is scrubbing yourself with microbead-containing beauty products, today is a sad day – products containing them are now banned from sale in the UK.

Hundreds of Superdrug employees are going to have to trudge around shops removing any creams and pastes or fluids that may contain the little bits of plastic we use to help scour the sadness away, as the ban on the sale of products containing microbeads came in force today. The ban covers England and Wales, and the government says it should stop billions of microscopic bits of plastic flooding into the drains and therefore eventually the sea, whenever we need to wash our faces to make it look like we haven't been crying.

The government is well chuffed that something it's done hasn't been described as being as bad as or worse than what the Nazis did for once, quoting the happy words of Dr Sue Kinsey of the Marine Conservation Society, who said: "We are delighted that this robust microbead ban has come into force. This is the strongest and most comprehensive ban to be enacted in the world so far and will help to stem the flow of microplastics into our oceans. We believe that this signals a real commitment on the part of this Government to clean up our seas and beaches and we look forward to seeing further actions to combat plastic waste." [GOV]