Ikea Recalls its Sladda Bike Due to Belt-Snappage Risks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ikea's Sladda bike, a supposedly indestructible aluminium-framed commuter with two automatic hub gears, a coaster brake, and a 10-year guarantee on its oil-free, chainless belt drive system, is being recalled. Because that belt drive system is prone to snapping.

Ikea says it's had eleven reports of customers falling off because the belt drive snapped while the bike was being ridden, so it's all hands to panic stations and an immediate global product recall before someone in a small coastal town literally rides one off a cliff.

The company seems really keen to get all of these bikes out of circulation, as you don't need a receipt to have your bike fully refunded regardless of condition or age, plus even the Sladda-branded accessories sold alongside it may be returned, seeing as the poor old Sladda brand name is now so toxic. [Ikea via Road.cc]