iOS 12's New Animoji Are More Expressive, But Can They Pass the ASMR Test?

By Alex Cranz on at

You know the update for the next version of iOS is relatively minor when some of the biggest new features are Animoji related. New to iOS 12, which entered into public beta Monday, is the ability to create custom animoji based off your own face. The “memojis” are Apple’s attempt to capitalise on Bitmoji. And will remind you of many other cartoonish avatars you’ve been asked to create over the years — including Nintendo Miis and Xbox Avatars. These updated animojis are also more responsive than the ones introduced with iOS 11. The cartoon faces that mirror your own face can now track your tongue and either eye winking.

Sort of.

iOS 12 is still in beta, so the experience is far from perfect (and subject to change before final release later this year). Still, we wanted to test out just how responsive the new animoji were by making an ASMR video entirely with the weird little cartoon faces. It works... okay.

Animoji may be more expressive, but they’re still cartoonish emoji masks digitally applied to your face, and they’re prone to some bizarre expressions as they try to do things like track faces while chewing gum or drinking water. Stare into their soulless eyes above and ponder what’s become of the world that ASMR videos made with animoji are a highlight of your experience today.

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