Jaguar Land Rover Will Lend You a Car for a Year, if You Pay at Least £910 a Month

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everything is run on subscriptions now. Want to watch TV? Subscription. Playing games? Subscription. Buying a phone? That's available as some sort of subscription too. Even living in a house you don't own is technically a subscription, albeit one without much in the way of customer care. You know what else is gunning for the subscription model? Cars. Car subscriptions are fast becoming a thing for rich people, and Jaguar Land Rover is launching one of its own - exclusive to the UK.

It's called Carpe, because the marketing must have been watching Dead Poet's Society the day before the deadline. It also sounds like 'car pay', which is what this whole thing is about. I'm torn as to whether it's really lazy, or subtly genius.

Quite simply it's a 12 month contract in which you pay money each month, and Jaguar Land Rover will let you drive around in a shiny new car. The idea is that after those 12 months are up you can upgrade to a new car, assuming you didn't total it, much like you would a phone if you had one of those fancy upgrade tariffs networks and phone companies have been peddling the past few years. Don't try and back out six weeks in either, because you'll be asked to pay off the rest of the contract anyway.

Prices start at £910 for the Jaguar E-Pace compact SUV and peak at £2,200 a month for the new Range Rover Sport HSE. Those prices don't include VAT, though, which means the real prices are between £1,092 and £2,640 every month if my maths is correct. Though those prices mean you do get perks thrown in like servicing, maintenance, insurance (from Allianz), roadside assistance, and delivery. Customers can also pay a flexible deposit to reduce their monthly payments, though there's no required down-payment.

You also have unlimited mileage, so there are no restrictions on what you can or can't do. Drive to India is you like, just maybe don't get one of the electric cars for such a grand trip. I doubt there will be enough fast chargers along the way. [The Verge]