Kentucky Fried Fauxken: KFC Going to Serve Up Vegetarian 'Chicken', Starting in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it comes to vegetarian friendly fast food, KFC doesn't really come to mind. You know, because so much of the menu is chicken based. But the times they are a changing, because KFC has decided to get into the fake chicken game, and sell some zero-animal equivalent.

This news comes via Food Beast, which claims some of this stems from the fast fast food chains are trying to improve their image and offer healthier food, with KFC UK pledging a 20 per cent drop in calories over the next seven years. That's the same logic that made McDonald's stop putting cheeseburgers into Happy Meals over in the US. The first place to receive the plant based fake chicken will be the UK, rather than the US, no doubt to try and take on the veggie and vegan-friendly 'chicken' establishments that have popped up over the past few years. PETA must be thrilled to hear this news.

The vegetarian option will still be friend with KFC's famous 11 herbs and spices, though the recipe is still in the early stages of development meaning everything is still ultra top secret. That means it's not totally clear whether the new stuff will be vegan, or just plain old vegetarian. PETA won't like that, but I doubt anyone who reads this site regularly cares about what they think. KFC expects the first veggie chicken offerings to be available next year, and if things go well it might start rolling it out elsewhere.

Here's just hoping KFC's supplier will be able to handle all the extra ingredients. We don't want a repeat of this year's chicken shortage, do we? [Food Beast]