Kodi's Added DRM Support to Make Itself More Appealing to Publishers

By Tom Pritchard on at

For a lot of people DRM is a dirty word, with some considering it a futile attempt to try and stop piracy in a way that makes life difficult for legitimate users. But for publishers of content Digital Rights Management is an important tool in their arsenal, and the fact that Kodi's latest version has added support for it is going to make the open source media player a lot more appealing.

As many people know, Kodi is often associated with piracy thanks to the availability of third-party addons that let users access premium content without having to pay for it. Kodi does what it can to encourage people away from such software, but the open source nature of the platform means there isn't a whole lot that can be done. The team's decision to support DRM, which was announced last year, is seen internally as another step towards legitimising the platform and will let publishers develop official addons with encrypted content.

Martijn Kaijser, Project lead of the XBMC Foundation, said:

“In the past, we have talked to publishers and in almost all cases the first question was if we supported DRM. If not, that was the end of the talk. Others did have interest if we were going to add it and would come back to us if we would.

Up till now, there is no official work or interest that I know of from providers. Our current motto is ‘if you implement it they will come’ so let’s hope this will indeed open doors."

The team believes that there are already a number of addons using DRM, including the likes of Eurosport Player and YouTube, but it's hoped that the official addons will begin to adopt the DRM - and in a way that's not too frustrating for the users. Time will tell if that will actually be the case. [TorrentFreak]