Lego is Teasing Us With the Possibility of James Bond Sets

By Tom Pritchard on at

The days of Lego being a simple box of bricks are long gone. For nearly 20 years (at least)Lego has bought up licences to various pop-culture brands and converted them into brick-and-minifigure form. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel and DC, Ghostbusters, plus all the many franchises that were bundled into Lego Dimensions. Now they may be joined by 007 himself, if this not-so-cryptic tease from Lego is anything to go by:

Even the official Bond and Aston Martin accounts got in on the fun with some teasers of their own.

It's not that difficult to see through this, even if it just involves some sort of Bond-themed car-centric set like the recently announced Bugatti Chiron. What makes it more interesting is that James Bond was long rumoured to be introduced in the third year of Lego Dimensions, though we never got to find out for sure since the game was cancelled and Year 3 never came to fruition.

It seems more than possible, though Bond does push the limits of Lego's family friendly policy, seeing as how all he seems to do is kill baddies and have sex with their girlfriends. We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully there won't be too much of a wait.