Lego Puts Money into Pretending Lego is Proper Engineering

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lego has joined in with government initiative the Year of Engineering to promote Lego to kids -- like they need any more encouragement -- with the dangled carrot of a glamorous future career in engineering if your child actually understands how the electronics behind the educational sets work.

Lego's WeDo 2.0 robotics hardware and software system is to be demonstrated in schools, along with the more serious Mindstorms EV3 set; both of which supposedly encourage a career in science, technology, engineering and maths; although a lifelong love of buying little figures that look like Batman to arrange beneath the screen you look at all day is also likely to develop at the same time.

It will be called the Engineers of the Future roadshow, and Lego's going to get some actual engineers to answer the baffling and probably unrelated questions that kids might have about adult engineering careers, with everyone pretending that being able to do something in Lego when you're nine years old is kind of similar to maintaining the machine that stamps out car bonnets all day long in the Nissan factory in Sunderland. [Year of Engineering via GOV]