Lego's Upgrading its AR Offerings Thanks to Apple's ARKit 2

By Tom Pritchard on at

Towards the end of last year Lego released a new app that let kids play with virtual Lego sets in augmented reality, and animate existing sets they already have in their collection. Apple took to the stage at WWDC to reveal an upgraded version of ARKit (ARKit 2), and Lego was brought along to showcase some of the ways the new software can improve the virtual Lego experience.

AR Kit 2 involves new features like distance recognition and multiplayer gaming, which Lego is integrating into whatever AR apps it has up its sleeves. On stage two people from Lego brought up the modular Assembly Square, and were able to add new sets and features digitally across both devices. So the virtual playset added a park, the Downtown Diner, and the Brick Bank for virtual minifigures to play in and drive around.

The virtual set lets players play (duh), go on quests, peer inside the sets without tearing them apart, and eventually unlock new things to play with. Up to four players will be connect together, though that's all we really know for now. It's not clear whether players will need to own all the sets in the app, though that would be a huge shame since they had about £500 worth of Lego condensed into a digital form.

Apparently we'll hear more towards the end of the year, and obviously there's no word whether these features will hit Android via AR Core.