Lewis Hamilton is an R&B Superstar Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lewis Hamilton, the driver and advanced facial hair sculptor, has a new career -- singer. He's recorded his debut public work with long-time pop celebrity Christina Aguilera, so that's why I was watching the Dirrty video when the wife came in with a cup of tea just then.

Hamilton appears on Aguilera's new song Pipe under the name XNDA, an acronym we cannot work out. Not many F1 terms start with an X. Here's the song, from Christina's forthcoming album Liberation. Lewis kicks in at around the 2:40 mark, saying something about imagination and rhyming that with domination in a slightly unrecognisable, breathy, mid-Atlantic accent:

The subtext of Hamilton's lyrical part seems to be that he's good at sex, from what we can work out. Nice to know. Bet Jenson Button is better, though. [YouTube via Metro]