Looks Like The Next Apple Watch Could Have Solid-State Buttons

By Dave Meikleham on at

It seems the next Apple Watch could ditch physical buttons in favour of solid-state ones.

Image: The Gadget Flow

It's likely the Apple Watch Series 4 will hit shelves at some point this year, and when it does, Apple's latest wearable could have solid-state buttons that support haptic feedback. This speculation comes from Fast Company, which references "a source with direct knowledge" of Apple's forthcoming, watch-based decisions.

The site goes into further details about the buttons, stating they won't physically be able to move up or down. Instead, courtesy of Apple's Tactic Engine, they'll buzz when touched. Y'know, kinda like the Home button on new(ish) iPhones.

There's also speculation the next Apple Watch will be able to track your heart rate with two sensors, making the reading a lot more accurate.

As for my watch, it can barely keep time, let alone give me detailed readings of what my ticker is up to.

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Update 10/06/18: This article originally stated the rumoured new Apple Watch would be getting physical buttons (which existing models already have) rather than the speculated solid-state buttons. This has now been amended.