McDonald's Has Teamed Up With Mumsnet to Make Happy Meals Healthier

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nobody goes to McDonald's to be healthy, and that's part of the reason people like eating there. It's reasonably priced, tasty, and horrendously bad for you. Still, the fast food chain has been trying to ditch that image in recent years, and seem more appealing to the health conscious customer. The latest move has involved it teaming up with Mumsnet to make Happy Meals healthier, and in the process slightly less happy.

I'm joking, because the thing kids like most about the Happy Meal are the toys. They couldn't care less about whether their box of food also comes with fruit, or a grilled chicken wrap in place of the fried chicken predecessor. That last one was apparently very important to Mumsnet users, with 78 per cent of the 1,000 mums claiming a grilled chicken wrap was a good idea. So yesterday that option went on sale in Happy Meals, bringing them in line with the adult-sized chicken wraps that have been grillable for a few years.

But that's not all its done. McDonald's has also changed up the recipe for a number of items on the Happy Meal menu, including burger buns, chicken nuggets, sauces, alongside switching to a non-hydrogenated sunflower/rapeseed oil mix for the cooking process. The company claims that all these changes reduce the amount of sugar by 21 per cent, saturated fat by 10 per cent, and salt by 52 per cent. It claims that part of this stems from the fact parents can swap out the chips for carrot sticks or a fruit bag, while milk and water are available in place of fizzy drinks and juices - though I'm 100% sure you could do that already. The self-service machines give you those options at the very least.

Carrie Longton, co-founder of Mumsnet, said:

"The majority of Mumsnet users that we surveyed said they wanted grilled chicken and the opportunity give their children a range of choices in what they eat, and that’s exactly what McDonald’s has delivered. We’re thrilled to see a new product on the McDonald’s Happy Meal menu that Mumsnet users have played a fundamental role in developing."

Kids shouldn;t be too fussed by the change. Kids are dumb and probably won't notice, just as long as they get that cheap plastic toy that'll break as soon as they get home. [Metro]