McDonald's is Launching 59p Mini McFlurries

By Tom Pritchard on at

Have you ever gone to McDonald's, ordered a McFlurry and gone "I love these, I just wish I could eat slightly less ice cream after my 1,000 calorie meal"? Well you are in luck! Because McDonald's has decided to offer smaller, cheaper versions of the McFlurry.

The Mini McFlurries are set to go on sale on 27th June, and will cost 59 pence each. Unless you're buying a limited edition flavour. Each pot is 75g, so you're getting just under half the amount of ice cream. That also means you're getting half the calories, since the Mini McFlurry has 150 calories in it instead of 320. Flavours include the core Crunchie, Oreo, and Dairy Milk toppings, as well as the return of limited edition Flake and Raspberry Flake flavours.

There is some (sort of) bad news, though. McDonald's is also taking this opportunity to reduce the size of the regular McFlurry, reducing it from 170g down to 150g. The upshot to that is that the new regular size tubs are slightly cheaper, coming out at 89p instead of 99p. Limited edition flaours will also be 10p cheaper, costing £1.29 instead of £1.39. According to McDonald's this is to help customers stop being quite so unhealthy, telling Metro:

"The new McFlurry options have been reduced in size, sugar content and price. By offering smaller portions at a reduced price we are providing our customers with the opportunity to make a choice that is right for them."

The smaller regular-sized McFlurries aren't exactly new, though, since McDonald's has been trialling them at select restaurants since February. At the time it was also revealed that these smaller ice creams had 12% fewer calories than the 170g tubs. Now it seems those are rolling out nationwide.

Good? Bad? Bit of both? We'll have to see how people react. Still, if you have a young kid it does mean you can get them a Mini McFlurry that that might be able to finish - instead of one of those rubbish cones McDonald's sells. [Metro]