Meat, Cakes and Ready Meals Added to CO2 Shortage At-Risk List

By Gary Cutlack on at

The least interesting food scandal of the year continues to worsen, with trade body the Food and Drink Federation warning that supermarket shelves might soon start running low on some foods soon, thanks to the weird shortage of CO2 that's disrupting the producers.

The problem is caused by clean food-grade CO2 producers struggling to meet demand because of a rash of unfortunately timed factory breakdowns, with the beer and Coke taps already under threat of being dialled down because of a lack of CO2 to inject fizz.

And the food industry is next because of the way it's used to stun animals and shrinkwrap our nozzled-out foods safely away from touch, says FDF chief Ian Wright, who was speaking on BBC radio today when he warned: "We will see fewer chicken dishes, fewer pork and bacon dishes. We'll see probably less carbonated drinks and certainly bakery and other things that benefit from what's called modified atmosphere packaging, which is plastic packaging with a tray underneath and a dish of food in them."

So maybe bananas will be all we can eat soon, if they can keep that fungus at bay. [BBC]