Next-Gen E-Horses Launching in 2020 to Counter Equine-Dumping

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dumping horses is apparently a thing in Apocalypse 2018 UK, where bored owners, or people tired of cleaning up poo, or keepers of knackered old models they can't face buying hay for any more, walk them to a rural space and... throw them away. While still alive, obviously, with sick animals the most likely to be dumped and abandoned in this horrifying manner.

To stop this practise, or to at least make it easier to catch the crazy animal-tippers, the government is introducing a compulsory microchipping scheme for horses, ponies and their simple donkey friends, making it illegal to own a non-chipped horse, or pony, or cute battered little 122-year-old donkey, from 2020.

From October 2020 the new new Central Equine Database will be populated with the names and owners of all the horses and ponies, and the carers of the bewildered donkeys, which will also make it easier for stolen animals to be returned to their owners. [GOV]

Image credit: Horses from Unsplash

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