Now TV's Latest Sports Pass Lets You Watch Men Hit Tiny Balls With Sticks

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you want to watch lots of sport, but don't want to shell out for Sky TV, the only real (legal) option is to go for Now TV and its sports passes. Those can be quite expensive if you buy them repeatedly, but if you're a golf fan you're in luck, because Sky has launched a Golf-centric pass so you can watch golf all summer long for a fraction of the cost.

The pass is limited edition, which means Sky will only be selling it until 15th of June. If you decide you do like golf after that, you'll end up having to pay for regular passes. The golf one is £70, though, so this is mostly aimed at people who are really serious about watching old white dudes (and Tiger Woods) hit balls around abnormally green fields. But Sky says covering everything would normally cost £130, so you're getting nearly half the price cut off.

Included in that time frame is the US Open, The Open, The Ryder Cup, and every minute of the European and PGA Tours. The pass also lets you access the rest of Now TV's sport offering, including F1, cricket, and football, which is handy since the World Cup begins next week.

You can buy the pass here, and make sure to cancel if you don't want to keep paying for new monthly passes once it expires.