O2's Changing its Postal Policy to Avoid Any More Racist SIM Cards

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month O2 apologised after it turned out some mystery racists tricked the company into sending free SIM cards to a British-Iraqi family in Wembley addressed to 'Mr  Getout Ofengland' and 'Mr  Mr Isis Terroriste'. The network blamed automated systems and a third party responsible for sending out the SIMs at the time, and as a result has announced it's changing policy.

Since then O2 has conducted a review of the entire process, and decided that its best that the SIM cards aren't personalised at all. The idea is to prevent any copycat racists doing the same to that family down the street they don't like because their skin isn't whiter than bleached snow. Now the free SIM cards will be addressed to 'O2 Customer', and technically means anyone in your family can tear it open without being shouted at by Royal Mail.

The Jawad family, who received the racist SIMs, initially expressed their horror at receiving the letters, saying:

"We were really saddened to come across these letters, especially having a younger child in the house who we don't want to grow up witnessing such hateful language. It's even sadder to think that such hate speech has become normalised despite living in such a uniquely multicultural and diverse city like London."

The family now said that they still feel unsure at how to feel about the situation and their shock of feeling unsafe in their own home, but said they were "happy that O2 are taking this seriously enough to change their policies and taking steps to make sure that this doesn't happen again to someone else". [BBC News]