Obsolete Devon Phone Box Finds New Life as a Miniature Night Club

By Tom Pritchard on at

Phone boxes are basically redundant these days, which is why BT has been trying to find new and interesting things to make them useful in the age of the smartphone. Adding Wi-Fi, internet connections, and all that stuff that might stop drunk people using them as toilets. That's when it's not handing them over to the local community to do with them as they see fit. Kingsbridge in Devon is one such community, and turned their recently adopted phone box into a mini night club.

The phone box, on Fore Street, is the 5,000th box to be adopted from BT following Kingsbridge Council taking it over, and to commemorate it was transformed into something other than a spot for local teenagers to vandalise on Snapchat. Inside is a disco ball, appropriate mood lighting, and a dial-a-disc record system that costs £1 to use. The box's sole occupant can listen to such hits as Blondie’s Hanging On the Telephone and Electric Light Orchestra’s Telephone Line, presumably at a volume that won't cause the surrounding houses to go deaf.

There's no bar, sadly, and no bouncers to stop a drunk steroid-infused gym addict from beating you up for making eye contact with his partner for half a second. But the money generated from the box will go to @115, the Kingsbridge-based charity that provides enrichment and activities for disabled adults in the community.

Apparently the phone box is now the world's smallest night club, beating out Club 28 in Rotherham which can hold (you guessed it) seven patrons and a DJ. provided it counts as a night club, since it's presumably open during the day. [iNews]