OnePlus's Software Maintenance Schedule Promises Updates for Two Years and Security Patches for Three

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days its important that operating software gets the support it deserves, particularly since there a new vulnerabilities and problems being discovered all the time. That's especially true of phone, seeing as how we carry them around everywhere and store most of our digital lives on them. So it's frustrating when a phone company doesn't bother to roll out the new software, and thankfully OnePlus is promising at least two years of updates and three years of security patches for its devices.

It's similar to the commitments made by Google and its Pixel range, albeit with OnePlus's OxygenOS rather than stock Android - not that there's much difference where the OnePlus 6 is concerned. The software updates start from the day the phone is released, coming with new software features, Android updates, and security patches on a bimonthly basis. After those two years are over, the updates simply start pumping out Android security updates directly from Google, and again that's every two months.

The new schedule accounts for everything back to the OnePlus 3 and 3T, which are close to the two year anniversary of their release. That means you've only got a year of security updates for those phones, while the 5 and 5T have two years to go until the entire cycle is complete. The OnePlus 2, being nearly three years old at this point, is obviously coming to the end of its operational life. Or at least I'm assuming it is based on the general schedule, since it's very nearly three years old. Likewise the OnePlus 6 is brand new, so still has just short of three years before it starts to become a security risk.

Wile some may not be happy that OnePlus is rolling out a bimonthly release schedule, rather than the monthly ones implemented by the likes of Google, HMD, and Essential, it's still good to know that the company is willing to support its older models for longer periods of time - even if three years doesn't seem that long in the grand scheme of things. [OnePlus via Android Police]