Pokémon Go Will Finally Let its Players Trade Monsters

By Tom Pritchard on at

When Pokémon Go first launched there was a lot missing from the game. The key feature that had seemingly been pulled was the ability to trade monsters with other players, something that would have made collecting all the region-exclusive Pokémon an awful lot easier. Well it's just been announced that trading is on the way.

Trading will be tied into a new friend system, that lets you add friends in game and see what they've been up to. Becoming friends involves trading your unique player codes, and those features are set to roll out at the end of this week. Friends playing together will get extra perks, like increased attack bonuses during gym battles and raids, and extra items. Trading is set to arrive sometime in the near future, but Niantic hasn't revealed exactly when it'll happen.

Here's the bad news. Trading isn't going to let you hook up with players on the other side of the world. You can only trade with friends who are within 100 metres of you. So you won't be able to swap your Mr Mime for a Kangaskhan or Taurus with someone living in those regions, which is, frankly, a dick move on Niantic's part.

Players will also be prevented from trading 'special' monsters with random people. Instead you have to be have a certain relationship level which grows the more you and you friend play together. Those special trades are limited to one per day, and prevents you from trading legendaries, shinies, and receiving Pokémon you don't have from random people. Again, considering all the region exclusives that are out there, this is a pretty big dick move - albeit one that prevents players from buying and selling monsters.

Trades also cost stardust, with more powerful monsters requiring more stardust as payment. You can, however, increase your friendship level to try and offset the cost.

Finally the update will also come with a new item 'gifts'. Gifts can be collected from Pokéstops like everything else, but are only good for handing over to your friends. You can't open it, and you have to hope they'll give you one back. Each gift includes "helpful" items, alongside a postcard of the Pokéstop it was collected from. [Pokémon Go]